Introduction to Islamic Welfare Society

Since Year 1999, we were spreading the teaching of Qur'an and Sunnath under the name Islamic Research Centre then in 2004 we registered the Islamic Welfare Society, Mizapur (U.P) from Government of India under which the IRDC (Islamic Research and Da’wah Centre) and Madarsa Muhammadi along with Muslim Marriage Bureau and Quranic cure of Paranormal Infection was held. We serve for all Indians and we focus for humanity .

IWS Bylaws

By the grace of Allah IWS Society has the following mission and we will remain stick to it. (Insha Allah)

  1. The holder of administrative authority of this society will always be the believer of Sunni Ahle Hadis.
  2. Providing wisdom on neutral and secular prospective by comparative religion studies including Islam, Hinduism and all other religions.
  3. Foundation of Free Library in order to provide social and religious education to peoples.
  4. Advertising Religion by Books, CD DVD , Cassettes and Processions.
  5. Fighting against superstitions like magics, fraud priest, amulet etc by educating peoples the real guide line of Qu'ran in these kind of matters and curing as well as teaching peoples with current methods mentioned in Qu'ran.
  6. Development of peoples in order to fight old conservative tradition and false & evil practice.
  7. Working in the field of education for Minorities and provide education of Hindi, English, Urdu, Arabic and also providing an awareness of computer education and modern science to them.
  8. Free distribution of books in order to provide better learning environment.
  9. Society is also doing social work like helping peoples suffering from natural disasters (flood, earthquake, drain etc), aiding poor peoples with medical facilities, helping orphans and handicapped, providing education of poor children, conducting marriage of windows and poor girls, funeral of  dead, helping of tourist and needful and other similar peoples. 
  10. We raise voice against any Oppression in-respect of cast, creed or religion.
  11. Fighting against Shirk O Bidat and also helping organization working in similar field. Also providing protection against fake Fakir-Peer-Maulvi those who fraud peoples and misguide them.
  12. Teaching the lesson of peace and humanity and also fight against any kind of terrorism or violence.
  13. Deploying gym for youth for there healthy life style.
  14. Helping youth to innovate there sport spirit.
  15. Campaigning against use of tobacco, cigarette, alchol and other addition among youths. Also fight against the porn movies and magazine population among youngsters.
  16. Working for the freedom of Women, Child and Force Labor-ism on the behalf of government of India and Labor Ministry by providing the aid offered by the government and ministry.
  17. May Allah provide us the efficiency and strength so that we can accomplish our goals and succeed in such Nobel cause   ( Ameen )


Allah may help us and provide us the engligment so that we can focuse to our work with full effort and efificient- Ameen.

Admistrative Authority

President - Khurshid Muhammadi

Vice President - Firoz Kamal

Secreaty - Amjad Muhammadi

Treasurer - Javed Ahmad

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Islamic Research and Da’wa Centre

By the grace of Allah –

1.Our prime objective is to spread the true teaching of Qur'an and Islam to all the human (Muslims and Non Muslims)

2.A war against Sirkh – o – Bidaat without any fear or favour.

3.An awareness among peoples with the help of CD, DVD, Pamphlets, Posters, Meetings, Debates, Flex and Banners to reduce the groupism and castism , racism.

4.We also contribute food and medic for poor and hungry peoples as per the requirements

5.Although all the things were began in 1999 but it was registered in 2004 of which we have improved a lot by the time.


IRDC Vision

Our prime motive is to spread the true teaching of Islam and our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). To protect peoples from Sins and let them aware about the truth and real life style as per the Islamic Guidelines. We always do things by following the Indian Government Protocols and in legal manner.


Some of Our Important Contribution Towards Islam and Humanity

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Muslim Marriage Bureau - Click Here to Read More

Jadu Tone ka Elaaz - Click Here to Read More

Who's Online

We have 29 guests and no members online


Please send your ZAKAT, SADQUAT and Donations for DA'WA CENTER & MADARSA and for other Works.

Account Information

Account Holder : Sheikh Khurshid

Bank Name : Allahabad Bank

Account Number : 50026407027

IFSC : ALLA0211876


Khurshid Muhammadi (Precedent of IRDC Mirzapur) is now recovering from his disease and we request you to pray for his sound health.

- Thank you